Application Development Services Drive Innovation

application development services

Developing Application Services

The application portfolio can prove to be instrumental in enabling a business to drive market differentiation and leadership. New applications can improve quality and responsiveness, and can eliminate manual processes. Every stage of the application life cycle is supported by application development services, from requirements through designing, testing and implementation. Any organization can take advantage of a robust set of:

  • Frameworks
  • Industry accelerators
    • Methodologies
    • Software assets

    …so that high quality custom applications can be delivered.

Truly professional application developers are experts across a wide variety of architectures, devices, platforms and technologies, such as ATG Commerce, grid computing, open source development, Microsoft, service-oriented architecture and wireless. Therefore, innovative solutions are delivered by deep industry and technology experts so that the key goals of any organization can be addressed.

What Application Development Services Are Offered?

Evaluation & Assessment  Application assessment services emphasize on the evaluation of the current application environment, in terms of adherence, constraints, issues, risks of business requirements and idea practices for convenient maintenance and coding.

Full Life Cycle Services A wide range of services through all or part of the application development life cycle are addressed, including business analysis, design, development, projection management, requirements development, testing, and ultimately deployment. Efficiency, quality and speed to market can be maximized with the help of the assets, global delivery centers, industry accelerators and methodologies of a professional application development service provider.

Accelerated Solution Delivery Agile development methodologies, modern assets and practices can be leveraged by professional application developers so that custom applications can be delivered that emphasize on business value and speed. Such application development services may include assessments and consulting for the evaluation of the effectiveness of Agile initiatives and the transformation of the environment to Agile.

E-commerce Applications Ecommerce solutions through which buyers and sellers can be connected via B2B and B2C online business channels, integration can be provided to back-end application and integration can be provided to payment solutions.

Testing  A myriad of comprehensive and flexible services based on industry skills, a time-tested methodology, and vast testing expertise. Such services may include infrastructure testing, life cycle testing, SOA testing, test automation, and test consulting. Any professional application developer will utilize proven assets, automated processed and leading test tools to maximize quality and reduce cycle times.

Wireless Services  Emphasis on solutions that include application software, edge-of-network technology and integration to back end systems. Usually, the edge-of-network technologies consist of embedded computers, handheld devices, RFID, smart cards and telematics.

Why Take Advantage Of Application Development Services?

The global investment and industry expertise of an application development company can aid in providing a foundation for leadership in the designing, development and implementation of applications. Their in-depth understanding of business procedures and IT distinctly qualifies them to work with clients who desire to leverage the finest industry practices in application development while emphasizing on core, strategic business competencies. Such application development service providers include names like:

  • ATG Commerce
  • Bifortis
  • Mokriya
  • Nulayer
  • RazorFish
  • SocialCubix
  • Ustwo

Ultimately, the company chosen to provide application development services from should be unrivaled in experience to optimize applications investments and handle them to meet business requirements. Their team of application developments should have expertise in proven methodology and solutions assets that can assist in achieve greater business agility and productivity through the applications that need to be developed.