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Art Technology Group (ATG) is the leading eCommerce solution provider. The large number of fortune 100 companies that it serves proves this.  Over 50% of these companies get eCommerce solutions from ATG Commerce. Most of these companies are well known in the eCommerce market as great competitors and they include:

  • Vodafone
  • Coca-Cola
  • HP
  • Best Buys

… among others. ATG Commerce is able to achieve its marketing goals through a number of products. These include the ATG suite, web commerce and optimization tools which ATG developers and ATG consultants utilize..

ATG eCommerce has various features and advantages that make it the best for eCommerce businesses. Some of these features include the following:

Features of ATG Commerce By
ATG Developers And ATG Consultants

A. Advanced Searching
This feature allows you to search deeply as compared to others like Magneto. It is achievable through use of reach synonyms and dictionaries that are specific to the industry you are searching. These are available in 25 languages and have automatic correction of misspell words to aid visitors and customers with their searches.

B. Management of Access
All eCommerce businesses need to separate content access rights.  Using unqualified persons to make changes to your system can cause them to crash. This is the reason why ATG Commerce is the best choice as compared to Shopify. They offer varied access rights to different professionals including developers, market specialists, managers and other relevant experts. This guarantees successful eCommerce for your business.

C. Personalization
Surveys have shown that customers respond better to ads that address their specific needs. This is the reason why for the best eCommerce business, you need a software that has elements of personalization. ATG Commerce allows you to personalize content online. These include mails, promotions and campaigns. This they achieve by gathering user information after visitors leave the website.

D. Automated Price Calculations and Determinations
Shoppers usually abandon charts because of uncertainties in products and services. To prevent this if your eCommerce  business has tools that calculate order prices inclusive of taxes, coupons, delivery and discounts, then you are in a better position. This is the reason that ATG is the best for your needs as far as pricing is concerned. It beats Volusions .

E. User Interface that is Easy to Use
The user interface used by art technology group provides great navigation ability and visualization. This simplifies the website
management process. This is beneficial because it saves on both time and energy.

F. Tackling Services that are Abandoned
This service involves detection, reporting and responding to cases of abandoned orders and activities. It is useful for eCommerce businesses. This is because it used to make analysis of the rate of shopping carts abandonment in a bid to improve the situation.

G. Reference Store that is Easy to Customize
This refers to front store that is prebuilt and customized.  These services are by ATG to reduce production and product launching period.

H. Fulfillment and Order Processing
This ATG eCommerce service pre-checks tasks related to order processing. Tools used for order processing and fulfillment are inclusive of administrative managing tools, multiple payment options, messages for order confirmation and customer notifications on intent of purchase.

ATG Commerece is the ultimate company of choice for all eCommerce solutions provided by ATG developers and ATG consultants alike. With their standardized tools, you can never go wrong.