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ATG Commerce

Experience ATG eCommerce

The newly arrived ATG web commerce solution from Oracle is recognized as the leading e-commerce solution that drives the world renowned brands. This application is devised to offer a stable and customizable cross-platform customer experience. You can create a fully personalized buying experience for your valued customers with ATG commerce. This application is specially purposed to work in all selling points like; mobile devices, physical stores, web, social media and contact center. Oracle offers a fully integrated eCommerce solution through software-as-a-service platform. This method is highly flexible and smart enough to target the potential visitors, resulting to high-value sales.

ATG Commerce Overview

The whole concept revolves around offering a complete, highly accessible ecommerce application platform and ATG commerce is engineered to achieve this challenge.

  • This eCommerce solution can automate and customize the customer buying experience.
  • It eventually increases customer queries and sales.
  • This application also helps in keeping customer loyalty intact.
  • The application boasts of best in class eCommerce features including high flexibility, easy implementation, and component based architecture.
  • More advanced features assist customers to find their desired products quickly.
  • They can easily view the new offers, redeem coupons, register for free merchandise, pre-order a upcoming product and more.

Why Every Industry Needs ATG web commerce solutions?

  • This component-based eCommerce solution is purposed for a number of customer oriented business advantages.
  • This web commerce product can help any industry increase their revenue across all channels.
  • Spawn a higher conversion of online traffic to potential customers, high volume of orders, repeat purchases and loyal customers.
  • ATG web commerce is engineered to closely monitor buying behavior, sales and market condition. Eventually, you can respond quickly to any type of situation.
  • The application monitors your retail website and shopping cart and notifies you for any abandonment.

All these lucrative business oriented features are packed in a single component-based web commerce application.

What ATG Web Commerce can do?

ATG web commerce is designed to offer high performance in fulfilling personalized business objectives in any industry. There are a number of advanced features that make this high performing web commerce application a top-ranked business solution.

  • Customize your online shopping site and other sales channels according to your business criteria.
  • Upgrade components for enhanced eCommerce features.
  • Make your products easily accessible to your customers.
  • Enjoy cross-platform advantage for your business and get more visitors every day.
  • Improve the conversion rate of visitors to customers.
  • Offer right products to the right customers at the right time.

How Does it Work?

The ATG commerce application works perfectly with its industry leading integrated features.

Business intelligence – Highly customizable and integrated reporting features monitor and

study commerce as well as customer behavior.

Works Great for:

B2B/B2C Sites ATG web commerce application can be used to develop top-class B2B and B2C ecommerce site. It can also be used for sites that combine both the concept.

Adaptive Operations Monitor and choreograph customer interactions and behavior to control a personalized buying experience for customers.

Flexible Architecture – Reduce integration costs and accelerate ecommerce operations with highly flexible architecture.

Pre-built Storefront A customizable reference store to help you jump start with your online retail business. The store is equipped with all the latest features of ATG commerce.