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Empowering ATG stores

One of the popular and independent Internet technologies which has gained a good demand over the past few years called ATG is specialized in eCommerce software. As you are on this page, it is certain that you know about ATG stores but not necessarily how worthwhile this type of software is for your business. Hence, to cater you with all the necessary information about ATG, have a look at this article which can certainly be helpful for you.

Know More about ATG Stores

ATG – Art Technology Group was started in the year 1991 by two graduates from MIT Jeet Singh and Joseph Chung. ATG stores online are a major part of this very big group. The focus of this group earlier was to deliver the much needed services of consultation that would help companies build a good Website. However, as the technology improved, it gradually started evolving as the software that helped in building the on-demand eCommerce optimization services. For this, the credit goes to Oracle.

The focus of ATG was to offer the solution with regards to:

  • Live-help services
  • Marketing
  • Support services
  • Automated recommendation
  • Optimization
  • Content personalization
  • Merchandising

Why should you opt for ATG such services?

The journey of ATG from 1991 till now has been improving tremendously as more advancement in the technology has come about. Say whether you are looking out for entertainment services, telecommunication, manufacturing services or even the e-commerce services, you don’t have to roam the whole world as all these services are available from one destination that is the Oracle Corporation.

Yes, Art Technology Group is the subsidiary of this popular company which can certainly provide you with ample opportunities to grow in Internet marketing.

How valuable is ATG eCommerce for you?

Such types of questions are certain to pop in your mind when considering eCommerce solutions.

ATG stores and solutions offer a variety of services to enjoy right from the best software application till the commerce optimization solution that helps both the partners and the customers to enhance and access the commerce suite of ATG. It is specially designed to offer the services and products in four models out of which some of them are management services, software licensing and so on.

With so many services to avail, don’t you think it is worth opting into such types of services?

You will enjoy benefits too.

The best part of such types of eCommerce solutions is that it offers an innovative and practical approach that is easy to use and organize. Besides, it is easily accessible no matter whether you are trying to sell it to some customer or purchase it from the buyer, such solutions have the multiple channels for interaction and collaboration.

The focus of starting the ATG group was to offer the valuable resource point for company websites that would allow for ATG stores to be created.  So what are you waiting for? Get your eCommerce solutions energized today.