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ATG Web Commerce

ATG Website Commerce Power

What is ATG Web commerce?

This refers to a set of web management solutions in form of software applications deployed by companies undertaking online commerce / trade. Initially developed by Art Technology Group(ATG); (acquired by Oracle in 2010), the ATG e-commerce solutions provide enterprises with a cohesive customer experience while buying or transacting online.

Why are you Selling ATG Web Commerce?

Developed with the customer in mind as well as the enterprise, the ATG e-commerce offers an automated and personalized buying experiences which engages customers more leading to increased loyalty to your company. In addition to being built on a flexible and component based architecture, ATG web commerce offers the best commerce platform that increases your company’s revenue, revolutionizes your customer service as well as helping the company meet its long-term growth goals. Apart from the fore said, the ATG commerce solutions further offer you well tailored business management solutions ensuring optimization of the company’s resources.

This thereby makes ATG Commerce a number one solution for every online venture hence a number one best online solution for your business.

What Does ATG Commerce Do?

Developed for the management of online ventures, the ATG web solutions allow online ventures to manage their customer experiences by offering them with relevant, engaging conversations leading to increased loyalty and ultimate increase in the sales.

This is achieved through:

1. ATG Commerce Services

ATG Commerce offers an excellent pack for managing your online services conveniently. The main activities that ATG Commerce will do is optimize your online activity including:

  • ATG Commerce Services – designed to manage your online services
  • ATG Optimization Services – designed to improve on the efficiency of online activity such as client management, customer relations among others.
  • Migration & Upgrade Services – designed to allow you you move from one domain to another or when upgrading your systems/website whilst maintaining a high level of integrity on your business activities.
  • Integration Services – meant to facilitate your website integration with other online pages.

2. ATG Commerce Portfolio

This facility helps you manage your online presence by projecting the customer’s potential future benefit based on their current activity levels.

3. ATG Commerce Developer

This tool allows you to access excellent services for your project by hiring an ATG Commerce developer. It additionally ensures that you get the best service whenever you need it. Its just a click away!

4. ATG Commerce Careers

Through this facility, the Resource Point Network is able to get in touch with top talent personalities enabling the team deliver excellent and cutting-edge solutions.

What Condition is the Item in?

Developed with the end user in mind, the ATG web commerce offers an excellent platform based on flexibility, affordability, reliability and adaptability. It’s just an excellent tool that every progressive venture must invest in.

How Does it Work?

Designed to enhance e-commerce, ATG solutions have to be accessed from an online platform. This implies that the ATG solution of choice has to be embedded on your website. This ensures that ATG web commerce becomes an integral part of your online activity management system. Once the design has been compiled and uploaded online, then, the website contents are indexed into searchable contents. As the indexing process is done, the data becomes organized into virtual directory structures making retrieval easy.

How did you Take Care of it?

Designed with a versatile and agile design, ATG web commerce requires minimal care and maintenance and in case of such maintenance, the Oracle’s service team is ever at your support making it an hustle free opportunity.

Why Does the Buyer Need it?

A buyer being your venture’s end user, ATG web is beneficial because:

  1. It confers the customer/buyer with accurate information concerning the products on offer for sale through personalized conversations.
  2. It additionally automatizes the buyer’s trading activity making it more accessible and flexible.
  3. It further offers secure and ample buying environment where as a buyer you need to worry not about your online security as all the systems work under extra enhanced security.

When it comes to online shopping check out ATG Web Commerce.