ATG eCommerce Solutions Understood


ATG Solutions

Art Technology Group, also known as ATG is an Internet based technology company that specializes in demand optimization applications and eCommerce software’s. Currently it’s owned by Oracle Company and operates as a subsidiary of oracle. The software provides services like marketing, merchandising, recommendations, content personalization and live help.

Reasons to Buy ATG eCommerce Product

The comprehensive ability to come up with solutions of a highly scalable eCommerce platform that automates and personalizes the online buying experience is enough reason why you should use ATG.

eCommerce products also tend to increase order and conversion values thus ensuring an ever growing customer loyalty. Its advanced features also help clients to quickly spot their desired products, learn of new offers, compare shop prices, register for gifts and redeem coupons while effortlessly completing their purchases.

Most Preferred eCommerce Options

Besides providing resource points and highly powered eCommerce services, its price is very handy in enabling one to come up with a low cost website design. It also gives your customers a relevant, profitable and more engaging experience thus escalating your sales.

Standards and Conditions

ATG is unique, unlike other nice applications that may seem to address your business problems only to shortly disappoint from view on you since they are coded in a database that doesn’t support the skills of your staff. Worse outcomes are when the database changes the language to that which your clients can not comprehend.

ATG is exceptional in that it’s based on world standards that are supported platforms which integrate with a broad spectrum of agencies and system developers. Moreover it gives you the desired flexibility in a modern world enterprise application that adopts the industry analyst’s idea of buy rather than a building approach especially in eCommerce applications.

eCommerce Features

Personalization. This software allows the business to personalize their promotions, online content, marketing campaigns and email platforms.

Faceted Search

The ability to use synonym capabilities, more than 25 supported languages, misspelling correction and industry specified dictionaries give it a faceted search enabling customers to find their desired products.

Business Analytics

The application is highly technologically advanced and enables you to view system reports and email notifications that help you keep in touch with your customers. This makes easier to understand their preferences and interests and thus increase your sales.

Payment Framework

The web based product allows cashing in of major credit cards and has the flexibility of integrating with other modules like Google account and PayPal among others.

Price Calculation

Unclear pricing is one of the greatest reasons of shopping cart abandonment. Bearing this in mind the eCommerce product has automated price calculation tools that incorporate taxes, delivery options and discounts among other things.

Conclusions of ATG

Whereas many eCommerce applications seem to share similar sets of features or functions, the actual difference are not visible until you examine the products fine print. Oracle’s applications have credible heritage of powering eCommerce sites across the virtual world of online businesses. It also boasts of being among the best in class analysts ratings thus assuring you of expert guidance in an eCommerce platform when using ATG thus seeing your investments grow in leap and bounds.