Changing Lives - we are committed to make a difference!

Please help Resource Point, LLC (RPL) to make a difference in the lives of a few needy kids!

Any business needs to be more than just profits. Every individual needs to give back to the community and many do that selflessly. When organizations get involved in giving back they increase the involvement exponentially. RPL has always given back to the community but it was not in a structured manner at least not until now.

RPL has provided various resources to charities and charitable events in the United States as well as in India. In addition, RPL has been a key player in the "jobs" market due to its position as an IT Solutions / Staffing Company. This has always provided us with a sense of satisfaction. Each and every staff member shares this core philosophy and derives immense satisfaction with every job we create and help fulfill. However, it still falls under the umbrella of profit and loss. While our team is diverse we all share the common desire to give back to community by focusing on the core foundation of education.

As the famous quote states, "Give a person some food and you feed them for a day, but if you teach them to cook, you feed them for life". Education provides the first step in improving the quality of life and living standards of children in developing countries. Lack of education is the single largest obstacle towards growth. Today, many governments have started free education in such countries but there is a constant challenge for resources such as books, school supplies, technology, proper school grounds, and salaries for the teacher, and basic needs such as clothes and shoes.

On an individual level, the RPL team has provided 1000s of hours in charitable causes in addition to financial contributions. Beginning April 1st, RPL team is pleased to start our "Giving Back" initiative at the corporate level and want to involve YOU, our Clients at no cost to you. We pledge to give 1% of each paid invoice amount to a charity from our approved list or choice of your charity organization

For ideas on worthy charities, please see the charity list below

We have carefully selected these charities in USA and India that provide resources for children's education, food, vision and water. These charities are very well managed and legal entities as per Indian codes. All you have to do is select the one closest to your objective or send us your choice of organization and we will add to our giving back database. We will gladly send them the funds as long as they are a registered non-profit with valid credentials. For example, if you nominate your local church we will ask you for their non-profit credentials. Upon successful verification, we will send them the appropriate amount as per the billing.

Upon request, every year we will provide you with a statement showing the total hours billed (and paid to us) and the 1% paid with the charity name(s).

We would like to thank you from RPL and from those who benefit from your generous help.

Remember, together we can make a real difference in someone’s life! Let us know if you wish to contribute by sending your RPL Account Manager an email.

A list of our top charities is given below. Please inform your RPL Account Manager and we will do the rest - all we need is one email providing us with the charity name, remember YOU can nominate a charity of your choice too!

We thank you sincerely for your business and for enabling us to meet our objective of Giving Back and to make the world a better place for the future generation.

List of Charities that we contribute to:

USA / World