In today’s competitive business environment, innovation is a critical driver of success. RPL has developed the following product line for Healthcare, IT, Mobile, and Software industries with out-of-the-box thinking and latest technologies.

Performance Tuning Suite for Oracle & ATG


TA Performance Suite provides focused attention for Optimal Oracle Database performance. The Suite provides solutions to key areas resulting in better database performance, allowing application like ATG websites to run faster on fewer CPUs.

TA Performance Suite is a set of analytical engines working together and designed to improve performance of any application running on the Oracle database giving the possibility of improved performance and savings on Database CPU Core License fees.

This analyzer validates application structure and database settings together. It is important to check both because the application model has a direct impact on performance of an application and so does the settings of the database.

This analyzer validates SQL. This does more than just the top 10 like other tools may perform. The analytical engine reviews all of the SQL in the system. Checking SQL Plans and other items with the goal of recommending solutions that improve multiple SQL statements at once.

This analyzer is specifically designed for ATG ecommerce sites running on the Oracle database. Giving the possibility of reducing the time it takes to add items to the shopping cart and thereby increasing website revenue and improving all interactions with the database.

TA-Atom – Load Test
This analyzer is specifically designed to find problems in a load test before production. Simply run this after the load test completes and obtain items that should be reviewed before releasing into production. This can also be used for trend analysis showing the performance change over time.

Mobile Security & Storage


RPL introduced an integrated security platform based on an individual website for each mobile user with these features.
• Anti-Spam
• Parental Controls
• Mobile Blogging
• Remote storage of information on Mobile devices
• Mobile Security

Multilingual Technologies


RPL is a pioneer in Multilingual Internet technologies and products. RPL along with I-DNs introduced to the world Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), and introduced multilingual Email (Non English Email ID’s) and Instant Messaging.
RPL has a portfolio of Internet accessibility product to support multilingual browsing and IDN technology.
• Multilingual Browser (Chinese, Hindi, Arabic)
• Emails (Chinese, Hindi, Arabic)
• Instant Messenger (Chinese, Hindi, Arabic)
• Browser Plugin
• Email Plugin
• Multilingual Search Engine Enabler
• Multilingual Web browser for Mobile Phones
• Multilingual Email IDs for Mobile Phones

Clients/Candidates Tracking System (CTS)


RPL has created affordable on-line tracking solution for small and mid-size firms. Our product, CTS, combines the features and functionality of:
• Client Tracking
• Client Relationship Management
• Candidate/Applicant Tracking
• Job Orders
• Reporting
• Scheduling
• Passive Candidates
• Email Management
CTS software is developed using the latest Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, and SQL Server ….

Vendor Management System (VMS)


Contract-Central is a full featured workforce management platform that optimizes and maximizes a Client’s contingent labor program. There are a number of service offerings within Contract-Central that assist our Client and Solutions Partners: Workforce Management, Workforce Audit, and Sub-Vendor Management. These offerings will provide contingent labor business intelligence and help our Client and Solutions Partners reach their performance and financial goals

Workforce Management
Contract-Central’s Workforce Management is the key component that allows our Client and Solutions Partners complete access and visibility to their contingent labor program. The management of master contracts, requisitions, work orders, time & expense, invoice & payment processing are all components of our service offering. Most important is the reporting capabilities that provide visibility into all components of your workforce management program.

Workforce Audit
If you feel that you do not have complete control of your contingent labor workforce, the Workforce Audit is perfect for you. The Audit provides a snapshot into all aspects of your program. From Master Contracts to existing Work Order details to current engagements, the Audit provides you with all of the detail. You will also be able to answer questions like: “Am I paying consistent rates for similar skills across my organization?”, “How long have the contractors been on assignment?”, “What is my financial obligation to those currently under contract?”, “Am I utilizing my suppliers in the most effective manner?” and many others.

Sub-Vendor Management
All of our Solutions Partners maintain relationships with numerous vendors that supply candidates through their organization. The need may be determined by specific skill specialization, geographic requirements, diverse supplier objectives or simply the drive to find the best possible candidate as quickly as possible. Contract-Central’s Sub-Vendor Management Program employs the same efficiencies our Client Partner’s realize in their workforce management requirements into the interaction with your sub-vendor network. The network then becomes a strategic and effective element of your staffing program.

Diverse Supplier Consortium
Corporations continue to promote the use of a diverse supply chain. The practical aspect of managing a supply chain strong in numbers yet limited in size presents a very difficult challenge. Contract-Central's Diverse Supplier Consortium manages all of your diverse supply chain through a single contract. By adding one vendor, your diversity goals will be tracked and managed.

On-line Patient Discharge System


The EzDischarge On-line system is a web based Physician centric Hospital-wide Health Care system. The main aim of this product is to free physicians and other caregivers in practices of all sizes and specialties from the limitations of paper-based systems by enabling them to access patient records easily, whether they are in the clinic or at an offsite location. Physicians can spend more time treating patients and less time shuffling paperwork. Discharge process is fully automated. The Physician can prepare the discharge sheet, select diseases, select allergies and prepare prescriptions, and complete other processes in discharge sheet and then discharge the patient using the system.

The Physician can log in to the system from anywhere by using Internet, and manage his/her patient’s discharge. Discharge Instruction sheet reports could be sent to the associated Medical and Insurance Companies and the Primary Care physicians. The System also helps the Physician in identifying the true disease nomenclature for Drug prescription. Patient Admission, User Management and Report Generation are the other major processes of this product. The product features include:
• HIPPA complaint online Healthcare system
• SIP enabled event monitoring system
• Unique Patient Identifier
• Medication Reconciliation